“Goose” And The Joy Of…

First, let’s consider the Joy of Salvation. Psalm 51:12  Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Isaiah 12:3  Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. Individual salvation is characterized by pure simple joy. How happy are you as a saved person? Have you lost your joy? Psalm 51 is that confessional Psalm of David. Confession of sin will restore lost joy. Oneness with Christ will also restore lost joy. Oneness with others will also restore lost joy.

There was a pastor who had a very difficult time with one sinning church member. The family left the church and later, suddenly the difficult member died due to an unusual infection. The tension between the family and the preacher was great for the conflict had nearly destroyed the church. After years of separation, the Lord put one family member in a “have-to” meeting with the pastor. At that meeting, only what needed to be said was said until the very time of parting. At that time, the pastor decided to attempt to clear the air and apologize for all the past offences. The family member responded well to the overture, and both left that day with an air of relief. That pastor had an lost joy restored. You see, confession is “good for the soul,” whether it be to God or man, for it restores lost joy.

Also, there are the wells of salvation. Wells is plural meaning that there are more than one. Of course, salvation is only one way—the Jesus way, but salvation has many great attributes which bring joy to the believers.

“Some have sat beside the wells of salvation, from time to time, as a matter of custom and habit, and yet have never known what it was to draw water out of the wells with joy. You have come to church on Sunday because it happened to be Sunday. You were expected to be there, and there you were. Some of you have read your Bible because it is a proper thing to do. Your life has been a life of legal performances. Your prayers have been little better than superstitious incantations. Now all that is changed. It is with joy, and not with murmuring, that we are to find our wells. On more than one occasion the Israelites applied for water in this spirit, and found a curse mingled with their blessing. Let us dig our wells as they dug the well of old at Beer, when, though they lacked water, they were wise enough to leave the matter in the Lord’s hands. Then it was God undertook for them.” (Anon.)

Draw from the well of church attendance with joy. Draw from the well of personal devotions with joy. Draw from the well of personal prayer with joy. Draw from giving of tithes and offering with joy. Draw from the well of witnessing with joy.

Second, let’s consider the Joy of Service.

While on visitation this past Thursday night, I jumped out to knock on several doors  between shuttling James to different location and checking on the ladies who were in the process of winning a lady to Christ. The door I approached had an unusual pet watching the porch; it was a guard chicken. It was solid black with those fan-like feathers around its feet. It slowly turned its head and eyed me and turned its head back. A lady came to the door and I told her I had met her guard chicken and that it didn’t attack me. She said that it’s a wonder it didn’t. The chicken, sitting on a small plastic chair continued to turn its head from side to side. The lady said she was saved but not going to church to which I replied that a believer ought to be among other believers for growth. Then, I asked her if she knew how the Lord used a chicken to teach Peter, to which she replied no. I told her of Peter’s repentance and the crowing of the rooster. The Lord taught Peter to repent through a rooster. The chicken about that time let out a low squawk of maybe an ‘amen!’ “By the way, what is that chicken’s name?” I asked. She said ‘Goose!” It thinks its me, so I think its silly like a goose, so I named it ‘Goose!” “Goose, the chicken is teaching you to repent and come to church,” I said. With a smile, she invited Goose to come inside, but when I left, Goose was still perched on the chair turning its head from side to side.

What a joy it is to serve Jesus.